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The Voyager at Lazy L and L campgroumd

       The following are some additional info, basic RV & camping etiquette, tips, recommendations, additional fees, etc...

  1. Although our units are well equipped with the essentials, You will need to bring necessary supplies, such as your linens, extra camping chairs, food & water, etc. What's included: 10-12 cup drip coffee maker with mesh filter, hot water kettle, mini blender, toaster, stainless steel pots & pans, all cooking & eating utensils, plates & drink ware) 2 camping chairs and outdoor mat, mattress covers and fitted sheets on beds. (Linen packages are available;e, pillows, blankets, towels, bath mat and dish towel)

  2. Bring a first aid kit & fire extinguisher and know how to use it. (We provide a basic first aid kit & a small extinguisher in the unit)

  3. Know your campsite’s rules and regulations, such as quiet hours, fire restrictions, pet policies and check in & out times. Our pick up times are between 9 am-12 pm, however, the unit must be ready no later than 10am. We will need 1 hour prior to check out time to break down for pick up. Please let us know the night before what time you plan to leave the unit so we can schedule our pick-ups and deliveries accordingly.

  4. Delivery times are typically between 1 & 4pm, depending on the campground and our daily pick up/delivery schedule. We will always try to accommodate your arrival time as best we can but cannot guarantee delivery time. Please let us know if your site is available and the earliest time we can deliver. 

  5. When leaving the unit, make sure all switches, furnace or heat fans are off, you can leave the AC on. Leave keys in the unit and unlocked. If you leave early, please turn water off at spigot.

  6. Bring a tarp or canopy to provide shade and protection from the elements as our insurance no longer covers awning damage. If it is used and damaged, there is damage and out of service fee of a min. of $1500. We do offer tents for rent for $100. It must be disassembled and packed up prior to pick up.

  7. Please have grill cleaned, any string lights, tarps and chairs packed up and in the compartments prior to pick up so we can maintain our schedule.

  8. Practice safety measures, do not light grill or fire pit near camper or awning. Do not let smoke fill the unit. No grease cooking inside the unit. Do light candles inside the unit.

  9. Campground courtesy... such as never leaving food or trash outside and keeping your campground clean, quiet times, try not to invade your neighbors site, keep tubes and towels within your designated area, pet rules, etc.

  10. Make sure to check the weather forecast before heading out and bring appropriate clothing and gear.

  11. Have an exit plan in case of an emergency.

  12. Make sure the RV is cleaned up as you received it before you check out... no dirty dishes, fridge is empty and trash is removed, wipe down tables and counters, etc. prior to leaving to avoid a $150 cleaning fee. We provide a vacuum, broom and cleaning supplies. No need to strip beds. Put wet/dirty rags/towels in bathtub.

  13. Please do not oil/grease fry anything inside the unit. No smoking or vaping in the unit. They permanently permeate the interior of the RV. If any of these are detected, there will be a fee of $500

  14. As we are pet friendly, please do not leave them in the RV unattended or crated. If your pet(s) is not disclosed, you will be charged $250. Also, Please be curious of your neighbors with your pets and know the campground policies prior to booking.

  15. Use RV toilet paper only. Please put as much soiled TP in the wastebasket as possible. Do not flush anything besides toilet paper down the toilet. (ie: feminine products, wipes, qtips, paper towels, etc.) Do not put food, coffee grinds or oil down the drains, this could result in damage, clogged drain and create foul smells in the unit. If toilet or drains get damaged or clogged, there will be a minimum of $200 fee

  16. No roof access! Do not hang anything off ladder or awning.

  17. If gray tank is full, it will back up into the bathtub. gray tank is all sinks & bathtub water. (Black tank is raw sewage and when full, it will back up into toilet) If the gray tank is full when we pick it up, there is an additional charge of $50. to drain it. This process is not only gross, but time consuming.

  18. All of the above information is for reference based on over 3 years of experience in renting RV's. We do not like or want to have to charge any of our guests additional fees. We value our guests and want your experience with us to be as enjoyable as possible!

  19. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns so we can troubleshoot and ensure you have the best experience :)


Enjoy your camping experience,

The Pioneers

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