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The 2022 Voyager at Canyon Lake, Texas


To ensure your utmost comfort and convenience, our Pampered Campers come equipped with almost everything you need for a seamless experience. We provide mattress covers and fitted sheets on the beds.

For an additional fee, you can opt for our complete linen package, which includes pillows, blankets, towels, a bath mat, dish towel in addition to mattress covers, and fitted sheets.

We have also thoughtfully included a variety of amenities for your convenience such as a coffee maker, electric tea kettle, mini blender, toaster, stainless steel pots and pans, a cast iron skillet, dishes, coffee mugs, silverware, cooking utensils, an oven mitt, a dish drying pad, a dish scrubber, a paper towel roll, RV toilet paper, cleaning essentials (dish soap, rags, wipes, broom, vacuum), garbage bags, salt, pepper, sugar, an outdoor mat, an entry rug, and waterproof mattress covers and fitted sheets for your comfort.

to enhance your camping experience and make it even more convenient , we offer a list of additional fees and add-ons. Choose from options such as the Blackstone Grill, Foldable Bikes, SUP Board, ECO Generator, and more.

Please note that up to 2 pets are allowed with an additional fee of $100 and a $69 interior Ins. policy will be added.

Grease cooking, Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited inside the unit. ($500 will charged if detected)


Do you offer delivery? Is there a charge?

Yes, we would love to deliver and pick up the camper for you! We want to make this the easiest camping experience you have ever had. We are located in New Braunfels, Texas near the beautiful Guadeloupe River and over 50 RV campgrounds. (ask us for a recommendation) 

Our delivery/pick up service and set up within 30 miles for $200-$275 depending on the unit if the campground site has sewer hook-ups. 

Delivery to events outside New Braunfels are as follows:

Concan $400-450 delivery & pick ups on Tuesdays & Sat. only (ex. Tuesday - Saturday or Saturday - Tuesday)

Cota $300-$350

Gonzales $300

Kerrville $350

Round Top $350-$400

San Antonio Shooting Arena $250


What is the Check In/Out process?
Typically, campground check-in times are usually between 1 and 3 pm.
We require 45-60 mins. to set everything up and break down depending on the unit. and do walkthrough if you're present.
Also, check-out times vary depending on the campground (typically 11am to 1 pm) but we require 45-60 mins. prior to pick up time to prepare for departure. For example, If the check out time is 1pm then we need you packed up by 12, so that we can finish breaking down the camper and remove it before check out.

What are the pick-up times?

We try to be as flexible with our guests as possible to accommodate their arrival times, however, due to multiple pick ups and deliveries in a day, Our delivery times are between 12 & 4 pm and you must be finished with the unit by 10 am on your departure date unless arranged, otherwise.

Drop off/return times are not to exceed 1 pm, or an additional nights fee will be assessed.

Most campground check in times are between 1pm & 3 pm. And check out times are typically 11am-12pm. We do need about 45 mins prior to break it down prior to check out. Please let us know your planned arrival and check out times to help us coordinate our deliveries and pick up's. Thank you.

What if I need to cancel?

We have a strict cancellation policy. Your rental amount is non refundable if you cancel within 14 days of your departure date. Please see our cancelation policy details.

We offer Trip Insurance during time of check out for peace of mind should an emergency arise before or during your vacation. Trip insurance is around 8% of your rental amount. See policy info...

What if I get into an accident or damage happens to the camper (inside or out)?

In the unfortunate event that something happens, your safety is our #1 priority. When able, call 911 if anyone is hurt and pull off to side of the road as soon as possible.
If no one is hurt, call the police for an official report.
Document the accident and any damage by taking pictures and video.
Call us immediately to notify us of the situation and any damages and send your pictures.
If the camper is safe to tow, you can continue on with your trip and we will take care of everything when you return.
It is your responsibility to determine what is safe and what is not when you are out on the road.
*For any interior damage, please notify us immediately so that we can plan for repair, replacement or make adjustments to any reservations for that unit after you return.
The $69 interior protection package is required and covers you, so please inform us of any damage, however big or small.


Are there any extra or optional fees?

*There is a mandatory $69 interior damage policy added to each reservation if you have pets.

*You can also purchase additional polices like Trip Protection Insurance policy, etc. (approx. 10%)

*If you are towing, you much purchase the appropriate insurance and the towing deposit is $1500.


*We also offer a variety of optional Add-Ons to enhance your camping experience. These are optional. Please included the ones you'd like when you "Request to Book" for an accurate quote.


How long in advance do I need to book a campsite?

It is best to book as far in advance as possible. As RV camping has grown in popularity, campgrounds fill up fast, especially the best spots.

Make sure you have your site picked out that will accommodate the length and number of slide outs. Be sure to check if the site has full hook-ups ie: sewer, water, electric (30 or 50 amp)


Can I tow or use the hitch?

Case by case exceptions may be made for towing if the driver has a CDL and must have sufficient tow vehicle and experience.

If we do allow towing, we will provide the tow hitch, sway bars and weight distribution system.
The hitch ball is 2 5/16 and a 7 pin electric connect.
You must verify your towing vehicle and auto insurance with us for approval to tow one of our units. A brake controller is required. Only certain units we allow to be towed.
See camper specs for weight of campers and check your vehicles tow capacity.
If renter plans to tow with their own vehicle- insurance must be purchased.

Walk through and hitch up takes approx 1 hour and there is a pick up fee of $100

Unit must be returned by 2pm or there is an additional fee of $50 and after 4pm is another nights rental.

We do our best to accommodate all of our guests, so please be considerate of our time and busy pick up and delivery schedule. If you are going to be late, you must notify us asap, so we can adjust accordingly. If you miss your scheduled pick up or drop off time, there may be an additional charge of $50

Refundable towing deposit will be $2000.

No Beach stays or $300 additional fee will be charged

Are there any towing fees?

There is a $100 Pick up /Drop off fee. 

Please plan to meet 45-60 mins prior to do a thorough walkthrough of the unit operations, hitch up, ins pictures, etc. and approx. 15 mins for drop off inspection. Please plan accordingly and communicate with us. Please do not be late as we have a tight schedule with our other deliveries and pick up windows and we may have to reschedule your pick up or drop off time and you may be charged additional fees.


How long in advance do I need to book a camper?

As soon as you decide when and where, book a camper. Our pampered campers book out fast and some have standing reservations up to a year in advance. So don't delay too long.


What is the minimum number of nights needed per reservation?

We have a 3-night minimum year round and 4 night minimum for Holidays and long weekends., 2 nights during Mon-Wed.  We will not pick up or deliver on the actual Holiday. If you will not be there, you will need to reserve your campsite for the additional night at your expense.


Are there restrictions on where I can go?

Yes, Travel is with in the US only.

Mexico, Canada and Burning Man is prohibited. Pre approval is required for music festivals. You must provide your travel itinerary, destination, campground and site number for approval.


How long will it take to receive my Security Deposit?

At most 7 days from your return, unless there are any damages.
If any charges are due you will receive a detailed invoice.
Before you depart we will do a thorough interior/exterior walk through with you and together we will document and photograph any items that may appear damaged or broken.


Do you have a smoking policy?

All our campers have a NO SMOKING/VAPING policy. If there is any evidence of such, $500 of your security deposit will be forfeited, No Exceptions.


What are your methods of payment?

Credit card payments are available through our Wheelbase platform.


Do we have to clean the camper upon return?

Yes. Although we do a deep clean prior to each rental, we ask that you be considerate and clean up after yourselves. The unit must be returned it in the same condition you received it to avoid additional cleaning fees (min $100).

We have provided all the cleaning essentials for during and after your trip. Please wash your dishes, wipe down counters & tables. Wipe out fridge and microwave and put everything back securely. Remove all trash, food, ice and personal belongings. Do not strip beds. Put used/wet towels and mats in bathtub. Pack up any used camping chairs, tents, lights, etc. and put in compartment. Clean grill prior to pick up. 


What things should I keep in mind?

~IF towing: (refer to deployment guide provided)

*DO NOT exceed 65 mph

*Put stabilizers down AFTER you chalk and unhitch the trailer from vehicle (last step)

*Always retract the stabilizers BEFORE adjusting the tongue up or down (first step)


When stationary:

*Be sure to keep campfires, smoke and grills at a safe distance from the camper and awning

*Do not leave awning extended , when not at the site, at night or with hard rains or wind, do not hang anything from awning arms, ie: towels or trash bags 

*Do not leave children or pets unattended in camper, pets must be crated when left alone 

*Do not climb or hang things on ladder and No roof access

*Pitch the awning arm so any captured water will spill to the rear

*Do not hang anything from the awning or arms (ie: garbage bags, towels, dog leashes, etc.)

*Be respectful of the campground policies and your neighbors

*Remove all trash from your campsite prior to leaving and make sure fire pits are properly extinguished 


What information is required to tow?

(You need to be a min. of 25 years old and have extensive experience or CDL)

We will need... (for all drivers planning to tow)

*Insurance will be charged to you via Wheelbase and the deposit for towing is $1500-2000
*A copy of your valid drivers license (must be at least 25 years of age)
*Verify tow vehicle specs and that it has a brake controller 
*Proof of current insurance that covers you and the camper while towing
*Destination address/campground name, address and site #
*Proof of current road side assistance program that covers RV's or added to ins.

How much is the deposit?

*50% of your rental amount is to be paid in full at time of booking. Refundable within 48 hours. Remainder is due 14 days prior to delivery.
*We have a strict cancelation policy, trip insurance is available at check out. (
*A $1000 -$2000 refundable damage deposit is required at time of booking as well and will be refunded within 7 days after your trip is completed and there are no interior or exterior damages.
*$1000 for stationary (delivered)
*$2000 for towing


How long in advance do I need to reserve an RV?

We recommend you reserve as soon as possible. We book up fast, and so do the campgrounds. You can typically book one of our units 3 ms. in advance. We start taking the next years reservations after Jan 1st.


Do you allow pets?

Yes! We love fur babies, however, they must be trained or crated and never left unattended in the units. We charge $100 for. max of 2. Please make sure to clean up/vacuum after your pets hair prior to returning. We ask that you be respectful and careful of the unit, pets are NOT allowed on furniture or beds. Any evidence of this and we will deduct appropriately from your deposit.


What other services do you offer?

Our campers are available for multiple purposes. We provide RV's for camping and road trips, as well as long or short term rentals for temporary disaster relief housing nationwide, movie & production sets, weddings and construction projects, etc.

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